I Want My Own Email Address

Learn to trust emails again

Of all the web mysteries, email settings are about the hardest. You don’t want to learn email  protocol; you only want to harness it. Imagine if, once set up, your emails connected and synced with all your devices seamlessly!


There are many strategic options for emails.  Sharing, redirecting, syncing, connecting, funneling and backing-up email addresses so that your business can harness the power of email with ease. Email strategy can be used to to be memorable and clear for clients, and also accessible to your team, even anonymous when necessary, so they can send on your behalf.

Key Features

  • Connect all your devices
  • Redirect emails short or long term
  • Setup emails for staff or departments
  • Port email address to cheaper hosting
  • Consolidate costs by combining website, domain & email

Email inboxes are distinct from the website, and from the domain name. You must own the domain name for the @ extension you want to use.

Check with us about email prices and strategy

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We will explain and implement your email addresses

Even a complicated email strategy, when implemented correctly, ought to be easy, trust-worthy, and reduce the time it takes for your team to communicate internally and externally.


We will gladly discuss with you the setup of new email addresses, troubleshooting existing ones, or connecting emails to new devices.