My WordPress Site Is Slow

Impatient with your own site’s load time?

It might simply need a tune up. The trouble with WordPress is that it is over-developed and bloated. The database in WordPress is well supported and at its core well-written.


We did not get involved until we learned first to strip it back and speed it up. We can do the same for you.

Key Features

  • Save on a site overhaul
  • Google prefers fast websites
  • Don't lose precious traffic
  • Help the web stay fast

Page load speed is a factor in search engine ranking. It also affects whether people will take the time to read the information you are trying to write to them. If you have inherited a slow website, let us speed it up and give your business performance a boost.

Ask us about making your site fast

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Do the Internet a Favour

Good coders have a love-hate relationship with WordPress. In its effort to make the web easier, third party WordPress development has made the web slower. Google makes it clear that it won’t tolerate slow websites.


Too much intuition in a site makes it slow. For example, many sites pull in language and fonts from all over the world, but your readers will rarely need that. A high level knowledge of CSS and PHP means that we can read the code behind your website and remove what is unnecessary, and combine the rest into a minimum number of files to load.